Manta Under Vehicle Scanner - Latest Deployments

Submitted by admin on 14th April 2016

The Manta Under Vehicle Scanner is the leading technology used to detect suspect objects on the under side of vehicles. Manta has recently been deployed to protect government facilities in the Middle East.

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Manta is used across the globe by Police and Security Forces to help combat the devastating effects of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drug smuggling and people trafficking. Placed at a check point and operated by trained personnel, MANTA acts as a deterrent and ultimately helps save lives.

Currently, Manta is protecting embassies, oil & gas facilities, hotels, national borders and critical infrastructure the world over. Options such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Driver Image Capture and Previous Scan Comparison make MANTA a truly intelligent piece of defence equipment.

A typical, permanent, deployment in the hot conditions encountered in the Middle East is shown above. Manta also comes in a portable version for use at rapid-deployment checkpoints.

Under Vehicle Inspection & Checkpoint Search Training

Amba has partnered with ISSEE at the Centre for Homeland Security. ISSEE deliver in-country training into the effective use of the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System to detect and react to threats at secure entries, borders and checkpoints.


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