Amba has extensive and ongoing experience of security systems design and consultancy for commercial and sovereign clients.

Our core team includes international security, defence and policing experts from a wide range of sectors who operate remotely and in-country to facilitate project delivery.

By drawing in all of the stakeholders early in the project, we ensure that all of the specific needs of the project are met in terms of specification, procurement and implementation; and from our history of working with top-level private and government clients, we can provide support that will be effective through the duration of the project and beyond.


  • 1. Proposal

    Defining an initial framework for the project, including identification of key stakeholders, development of the project brief, defining key stages and and creating an initial pathway to achieve project objectives.

  • 2. Action Plan

    Our consultants perform a comprehensive security audit followed by a complete a gap analysis. Key performance indicators are defined and recommendations put forward.

  • 3. Technical Solution

    Alternative technical solutions are identified and evaluated against defined criteria for quality, budget and timescales. Detailed design document is prepared that includes all the features, functions, interfaces and other parameters.

  • 4. Procurement

    In some projects, procured resources can represent the majority of the cost, meaning a rigorous procurement process is vital to success. All procurement involves risk and all aspects of the resource management plan must be prepared with risk management in mind.

  • 5. Implementation

    The project team then implement the design of the technical solution. Hardware is installed, software is written, data, processes and services are documented. Applicable guidelines and standards are followed. Once project implementation is complete it is tested and revised until quality criteria are met.

  • 6. Review

    A review is conducted to measure the deliverables produced by the project. The results of the review are documented and presented to the client for approval.