Automotive Sector - Vehicle Scanning

Security Services for the Automotive Sector

Vehicle manufacturing, storage and servicing can present unique security challenges.

Amba offers a range of services for the particular security and quality-assurance issues surrounding the logistics of large-scale or high-level automotive handling. This includes manufacturers, vehicle transport and storage companies. We've also worked with companies who sell and service of luxury vehicles. 

Under Vehicle Inspection System

A central component of our security technology for the automotive industry is our Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System. Manta provides quick and accurate scanning of vehicles before and after transit or storage.

Under vehicle scanning with Manta in this way creates an audit trail for each vehicle (or a sample of vehicles) that pass through a site. Manta's smart image analysis software automatically detects differences in vehicle scans and flags discrepancies to identify vehicles that may have been tampered with.

Manta is fast and easy to deploy and completely portable. It can accurately scan and log a vehicle every 15 seconds.

GPS Tracking

Amba offers a range of enterprise level tracking technology for protecting high-value assets and workforce safety. We connect this smart GPS technology to our 24/7 Security Monitoring Centre to track and secure assets across the world.

The PATHFINDER is our general purpose tracker. Typically used to secure inventory, goods in transit or monitor vehicles and specialist equipment. In the commercial sector, it is used to protect high-value assets including art, antiques, vehicles or expensive IT hardware.