Hotel Security

Bespoke hotel security solutions tailored to unique security challenges. Our solutions are tailored to the unique security challenges presented to each location, typically including:

  • High specification IP CCTV system - Discreet, optimally located cameras with automatic Pan, Tilt & Zoom mean fewer are required.
  • Industry leading hotel locking technology
  • Multiple intruder alarms & panic buttons - Secures restricted areas and storage for high value stock.
  • Fire detection & alarm system - Prioritising public safety and fulfilling legal obligations.
  • VIP security strategy ensuring privacy and discretion.

Fully Managed Hotel Security Service

  • Amba’s 24/7 Security Control Room conducts out-of-hours virtual site tours and ensures the necessary action is completed for any given scenario.
  • Preventative maintenance identifies system issues before they become critical, meaning the complete system functions more effectively.
  • A modern, easy-to-use system with fully trained operatives increases workforce efficiency across the security team.
  • Guests are discretely protected, while workforce feels safe and secure.
  • Public safety and legal obligations are fulfilled.
  • Management has complete peace of mind and is free to focus on the satisfaction of their guests.