IED Awareness Training

Our IED awareness training is suitable for first-responders and for security teams who secure crowded places.

This one-day course raises awareness of IEDs, their components, effects and associated hazards. It instructs the delegate in how to assess an effective cordon and in the evacuation distances necessary to ensure the safety of others.

Recognition of Terrorist Threats

A counter-terrorism training day to demonstrate the importance of effective evacuation plans, regular staff briefings and exercises, and how to liaise effectively with the emergency services.

This one-day course is presented as series of talks, practical activities and includes a live explosives demonstration if appropriate. The course will introduce delegates to the effects of explosives, their types and characteristics and also how to recognise these and other weapons which may be used to promote terror.

Counter-Terrorism Awareness

Designed for security managers and third-party security companies who have a responsibility for managing public spaces or corporate facilities. This two-day course aims to improve knowledge of the threat to business and public areas so that business resilience and security may be reviewed, redesigned and rehearsed as part of the overall duty of care to customers.

On satisfactory completion of this course, the delegate will also have a basic understanding of the power of explosives, IEDs, their potential for harm and the immediate actions required to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Search and Security Foundation

This five-day course is designed to introduce individuals from emergency services, government agencies, NGOs and security companies to the basic disciplines, techniques and procedures for effective personal, vehicle and building search.

The course includes comprehensive training on the configuration and the use of the latest search technology, including the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System. On satisfactory completion of the course, the individual will have the practised skills to carry out search operations as a team member.