GPS Tracking

Protecting High-value Assets

The PATHFINDER is our general purpose tracker. Typically used to secure inventory, goods in transit or monitor vehicles and specialist equipment. In the commercial sector, it is used to protect high-value assets including art, antiques, vehicles or expensive IT hardware.

Personal GPS Security

The SENTINEL GPS is a secure and robust workforce monitoring and safety tool to provide peace of mind for anyone in remote or potentially unsafe environments and allow employers to track workforce productivity.

A distress call button and "Open Mic" feature enables our control room to listen in and respond appropriately to any situation. Fitted with a British designed Arm7 microprocessor, Sentinel is ultra-reliable, robust and completely waterproof. Thousands of lone workers rely on our GPS tracking systems for their peace of mind. Typical applications include:

  • Lone workers potentially exposed to harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation or violence in the course of their working day.
  • Remote or rural workers exposed to health and safety hazards such as those in agriculture, forestry or mining industries.
  • Security industry - including guards, cash handling and high-value goods in transit.
  • Employees working in hostile environments or at risk of K and R.
  • Outdoor pursuits such as orienteering, outward bound groups, mountaineering and sailing.
  • Elderly or at-risk individuals.
  • Personal panic alarms to provide peace of mind for the family.

Assets in Transit

Amba’s SOLAR GPS is a heavy duty industrial tracker that provides up to 5 years monitoring without an external power source - perfect for keeping an eye on goods in transit and containers on road, rail or at sea. An IP65 shell and SIRF Star III GPS chip provide ultra-reliable and precise positioning information.

Plant & Equipment Monitoring

Track the movements of your machinery to analyse productivity. Amba’s tracking solutions are used extensively at remote and large-scale mining operations. Combined with our live tracking platform and our 24/7 alert monitoring capability, our tracking technology becomes a sophisticated plant asset management tool.