Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System

MANTA Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is used across the globe by Police and Security Forces to help combat the devastating effects of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drug smuggling and people trafficking.

Placed at a check point and operated by trained personnel, MANTA acts as a deterrent and ultimately helps save lives. Currently, MANTA is protecting embassies, oil & gas facilities, national borders and critical infrastructure the world over.

Options such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Driver Image Capture and Previous Scan Comparison make MANTA a truly intelligent piece of defence equipment.

  • Quick and easy to deploy by one person
  • Cutting-edge imaging resolves to 1mm
  • Scans up to 6 vehicles per minute
  • Market leading, patented technology
  • Supplied with rugged laptop and intuitive software

The MANTA Under Vehicle Inspection System was designed and engineered by Amba Defence in the United Kingdom.


Simple to Deploy

Easy and fast to deploy by one person. MANTA is lightweight, compact, has a carrying handle and can be transported in the boot of a car.

Under Vehicle Scan


Supplied with standard laptop pre-installed with easy to use software (optional ruggedised laptop available as part of Rapid Deployment Kit).

Smart upgrades include automatic number plate recognition, driver image capture, previous scan comparison and mismatch capability.

UVIS Training

Under Vehicle Inspection & Checkpoint Search Training

Amba delivers in-country training into the effective use of the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System to detect and react to threats at secure entries, borders and checkpoints.