Security Aerostat

Long range detection of people at 2.5km and vehicles at 6km.

Our Security Aerostat is designed for border security, including rough or sand-blown conditions. The helium holding polyurethane balloon is completely contained within a protective shell made from tough, lightweight, material, which prevents the balloon from abrasion or impacts.

  • Rapidly deployable: Airborne within a few minutes of arriving on site.
  • Image stabilisation: Steadier shots due to a sophisticated 3-Axis Gyros.
  • Versatile: Launched almost anywhere. Land, boats, ships, rooftops, etc.
  • Mobile: Legally towed on roads on the small Helikite trailer. Excellent off-road capability.
  • Patrolling capability: Pulled at high altitude behind fast moving vehicles or boats.
  • Reliable: Rugged, carbon-fibre casing, waterproof to IP66 and designed for persistent trouble-free use.
  • Low maintenance: Flies for months unattended with only occasional routine maintenance.

Optical Performance:

  • Camera 1 provides 36X zoom.
  • Camera 2 provides 640 x 480 line IR thermal imager with up to 5o FOV for long range night surveillance.
  • Latest 3-axis gyro-stabilised system provides excellent stability.