Meet Amba at the UK Security Expo

Submitted by admin on 20th October 2015

The UK's Flagship Event for a Global End-User Security Audience.

UK Security Expo is the premier global security showcase attracting an audience of Government, Transport, Intelligence, Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, CNI and the Private Sector.

Amba is exhibiting alongside ISSEE (International School for Security and Explosives Education) at Olympia London on 30th November and 1st December. Ambacombinese with ISSEE to deliver product focused training, consultancy and state-of-the-art technology across all aspects of security, counter-terrorism and explosives including management, detection and risk.

UK Security Expo attracts over 8,000 global security end-users and promises to offer a rewarding visit. Of particular interest to Amba’s Security and Defence Consultants is the Designing out Terrorism conference. Whether planning a new airport, power station or a stadium, for maximum operational effectiveness and also cost management, security needs to be designed into a project at the concept stage. This conference will specifically target and attract an important new audience that influence and specify security from the outset, including:

  • Security assessment and certification for the built environment
  • Technologies and schemes to ensure building security
  • Cyber securing the built environment
  • Physical security & counter-terrorism measures

Our Technology team will also be taking a keen interest in the Protecting Crowded Places conference. Crowded places include transport hubs, shopping centres, sports stadia, tourist attractions and events, which are easily accessible to the public and attractive to terrorists. Crowded places remain a target for terrorists who have demonstrated they are likely to attack places that offer the prospect of impact beyond the loss of life alone. The Protecting Crowded Places conference will examine innovative design considerations, effective surveillance, target hardening, pioneering policing methodologies and incident response, including:

  • Blasts and their effects on buildings and crowded places
  • Design, planning and management of crowded spaces
  • Securing soft targets - lessons from Paris, Brussels and Nice
  • The reality of integrated, inter-agency, joined-up security
  • Emergency services major incident and event response

Meet Amba at the UK Security Expo

Amba will be providing video demonstrations of MANTA, the market leading under vehicle scanner used across the globe by Police and Security Forces to help combat the devastating effects of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), drug smuggling and people trafficking.

The event offers quick and simple social media registration via LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook profiles. Once registered you will be shown who else within your network has also registered to attend, be able to connect with other visitors who have also registered socially, share your attendance with your networks and invite contacts along to the event.


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