3M ANPR Camera

The 3M ANPR Camera is a fully-integrated number plate recognition unit incorporating camera(s), illuminator and data and image processing within a single sealed enclosure featuring higher memory and faster processing speeds. The camera unit comprises a monochrome camera surrounded by two sets of Infra-Red (IR) LEDs. 3M™ patented filter/flash technique provides suppression of headlights and bright sunlight.

The 3M ANPR Camera can include an optional independent, integrated, synchronous, colour camera. The colour camera can be configured to the same focal length as the monochrome camera, or to a wider field of view as required, enabling ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) reads to have associated colour overview images.

The 3M ANPR Camera can be integrated into a wide variety of systems. Wireless IP connectivity over GPRS, EDGE or 3G can be provided by fitting an optional internal modem. IP connectivity (wired or wireless), provides a time-lock of distributed cameras to a central server via NTP. A GPS unit can also be fitted allowing very high accuracy time and delivery of information.