Lone Worker Monitoring

Increase workforce productivity, provide peace of mind for your staff and satisfy all your legal health and safety obligations. 

Amba provides fully accredited Lone Worker Alarms and monitoring via a discreet smart badge or ruggedized smartphones. Our services are accredited to the highest European Standards including DIN EN 505189 and backed-up by a comprehensive monitoring package from our 24/7 Monitoring Centre.

Discreet Smart Badge

A discreet stylised identity badge with GSM and GPS technology. It also incorporates audio communication for status updates and recording should an incident take place.

Activation of a distress button sends a signal to Amba Security Monitoring centre, including the identity and location of the employee, whilst also triggering "open-mic" mode allowing the operator to listen live and record audio.

Ruggedized Android Smartphones

A smartphone-based lone worker alarm allows a greater range of sensors, alarms and programmable actions. Ruggedized smartphones such as the Samsung XCover, BCom RoughPro or Ruggear RG600 provide up to IP68 protection and superior battery performance. Our Android based Lone Worker App provides a simple user-interface and complies with the guidelines and requirements of nearly all European Standards (BGR 139), professional associations and accident insurers.

Supported alarms:

  • Periodic check-in
  • Impact alarm
  • Rest position
  • Incline / tilt / man down alarm
  • Silent panic button
  • "Open Mic" enabling the operator to listen in
  • Battery and system status