Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security Fencing

Security fencing is the first step to good perimeter security. Amba suply, install and maintain a range of high security perimeter fences and access gates to provide a significant deterrent.

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS)

Various models of PIDS sensors are available to cater for many types of application and risk. In essence, nearly all PIDS sensores are designed to identify the signals created by noises and vibrations during intrusion attempts. The microphonic sensor technology converts mechanical vibrations into an alarm alerting security personnel of an intrusion.

With a proven track record, our specialist PIDS systems have been approved for use on high risk and enhanced security sites, including industrial, warehouses, storage compounds, logistics depots, car storage compounds to military and government premises.

Perimeter Electric Fencing

A powerful intruder deterrent, our electric security fence system can be attached to an existing fence or used on new installations. Any attempt to cut or climb the electric fence is met by a non-lethal but very unpleasant shock. Attempts to short circuit, reduce the voltage or breach the fence in any way generate an instant alarm condition. 

Perimeter Alarm Monitoring and Control 

Our PIDS and electric fence systems provide alarm signals to our in-house 24/7 security monitoring centre. Alarm conditions result in an immediate response from our operators, who can often then access real-time CCTV, before taking the appropriate action.

Residential Perimeter Security 

We also provide a range of residential perimeter security solutions to high net-worth individuals.