Security Gates & Barriers

We provide highly integrated solutions for the day-to-day control of secure sites, while our engineering and maintenance support teams based across the country ensure operational disruption is minimal and security never compromised.

Entry Systems: Video, RFID & Biometric Readers

Identification through video, fingerprint recognition, combined biometric reading with password input, RFID or smart card. Access control solutions are designed to integrate with HR databases.

Crash Gates, Blockers and Bollards

Our high specification systems are based on gates capable of standing up to heavy impacts - giving you the peace of mind that access points are fully protected against accidents and vehicle-based attacks.

Where a guaranteed level of anti-ram protection is required, our extreme crash blockers are designed and fully tested to the highest levels in the industry.

Vehicular Access Control, Under Vehicle Inspection & ANPR

Manta is our portable or fixed under vehicle inspection system used to identify any suspect objects attached to the underside of vehicles. Manta is currently used to protect embassies across Africa and the Middle East and by HM Prison Service.

Our security gate systems can also incorporate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.