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Submitted by admin on 27th September 2016

GPS Enabled USB Storage

USB sticks are the scourge of data security since they can store so much sensitive information and yet are so easily lost. Security Guardian offers a unique solution to this serious problem: a USB device that uses GPS and GSM to tell you where it is. Furthermore, the device's memory can be remotely wiped - even when it's not plugged into a computer.

Audit Trail

This clever solution enables customers to bring mobile USB storage under the control of corporate security policies. Importantly, in the corporate world where it's so often a necessity to mitigate risks of future accusations of policy error, Security Guardian provides an audit trail to demonstrate precisely when and where stored data has and has not been exposed. That means you can prove conclusively that you have maintained control of your data. An audit trail also demonstrates compliance with burgeoning regulations governing sensitive data. If a device is lost, you can point to the log and show that the data was encrypted, that you then disabled the device, and that no sensitive data has been leaked.

Geo Zone Memory Access

Access to Security Guardian's memory can be controlled by location - meaning you can protect sensitive data to just your own company offices or meeting venues. Your data is completely secure when in transit, even at, for example, the airport where the device could potentially be removed from your person. Memory geo zones are areas where devices may be used and are created from the online management console simply by drawing a shape on a map. When a device enters or leaves a controlled geo zone it’s automatically enabled or disabled. You can also be notified by email and SMS when it departs or enters a defined zone.

Remote Data Wiping

Remote wiping is performed by turning the memory on or off with a command from either the device's management console or from a text message from a pre-authorised number. In some parts of the world, encrypted data is illegal, so in those locations, the device's memory can simply be turned off. For the ultimate peace of mind, a version even exists where the memory chip inside the device can be physically destroyed too.

Security Guardian is an enterprise class USB memory stick for the transport of sensitive data. It’s a very clever little security device and one that has made going on the road with critical data a whole lot safer.


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