Is your mobile workforce adequately protected?

Submitted by admin on 27th November 2015

Many lone workers in the public sector or medical environments are exposed to verbal abuse, intimidation or violence in the course of their working day. Other lone workers are employed in rural or isolated environments with significant health and safety risks, such as in agricultural, oil & gas and the chemicals industries. Distributing high-value or high-risk products can also make mobile staff vulnerable.

monitored lone worker alarm is a simple way to increase workforce productivity by providing peace of mind for your staff, while satisfying all your legal health and safety obligations.

Amba Defence provides fully accredited Lone Worker Alarms and monitoring via discreet smart badges or ruggedised smartphones, supported by a comprehensive monitoring package from our 24/7/365 receiving centre.

Ruggedised Android Smartphone Solution

A smartphone-based lone worker alarm allows a greater range of sensors, alarms and programmable actions. Ruggedised smartphones such as the Samsung XCover, BCom RoughPro or Ruggear RG600 provide up to IP68 protection and superior battery performance.

This means alarm states triggered by impact, incline (man down) or periodic check-ins are reliable and simple to define. A smartphone solution also provides multiple communication options for alarms, including, SMS text message, voice call or GPRS data.

Our complete service is accredited to the highest European Standards including DIN EN 505189 and backed-up by a comprehensive monitoring package from our an NSI Gold Level II receiving centre.

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