Amba awarded contract extension to secure waste management facilities for Yorwaste

Submitted by admin on 14th July 2017

Yorwaste is the biggest waste management company in North Yorkshire. Owned by North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council, they manage over half a million tonnes of waste per year and carry out 450,000 collections.

Yorwaste delivers waste processing solutions, including industrial & commercial material recycling, hazardous liquid waste treatment and green waste processing. Recently, Yorwaste entered into a partnership with North Yorkshire County Council to manage and operate all 20 of the authority’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). They also produce over 50,000 MWh of green electricity annually.

After the contract extension award, Amba Defence will continue to secure 29 Yorwaste sites across Yorkshire. While the integrity of the facilities is of utmost importance, due in part to the hazardous nature of the sites, Amba’s services also add value by increasing operational efficiencies and ensuring health and safety. As a business in the waste management industry, it is also important to Yorwaste that Amba’s services are delivered in line with their sustainability objectives.

Amba’s services for Yorwaste focus on the management, maintenance and monitoring of their security and fire alarms at each site. Preventative maintenance carried out during regular engineer visits identifies issues before they become critical, meaning each system functions more effectively.

The security and fire systems at every site are connected to the Amba Defence Control Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which provides incredibly cost-effective around-the-clock security. Amba provides CCTV coverage at the larger sites, which is used for security, health and safety compliance and at some facilities for operational purposes - so that staff can manage waste bays remotely. ANPR cameras also form part of the system, which allows Yorwaste to manage vehicle flows around their sites more effectively.

Waste processing facilities are, by their very nature, full of waste and all that comes with it - dirt, dust, dangerous chemicals and combustible gases. As such, Amba’s engineers work to strict procedures ensuring every visit has a thorough Risk Assessment and Method Statement checked and sign-off prior to any work. As a SafeContractor approved company we always work to industry best practices, which is essential for an organisation like Yorwaste who are governed by their links to the public sector.

The Amba Defence northern engineering team is based locally, just over the county border in Durham, meaning a quick response to any system issue is always possible. Working with a local team keeps travel distances short and fits Yorwaste’s mission to operate at the highest environmental standards. With support from Amba’s national head office and Alarm Receiving Centre in the Midlands, Yorwaste also benefits from a single service provider meeting all their security needs.

Amba Defence CEO, Shires Crichton, comments:

“We’re delighted that Yorwaste selected Amba Defence to be their security maintenance and monitoring service provider across all their sites in Yorkshire. Amba is developing an impressive track record of managing security in challenging industrial facilities, which now includes the waste management industry. We’re excited to be working with a business that shares similar values for safety, service and innovation”





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