Facilities Management Security Services

Our solutions include support for a range of integrated technologies that meet the technical, compliance and human challenges our clients face. From the basics like intruder alarms and access control systems through to remote video surveillance and environmental monitoring, we offer a full spectrum of technology and expertise. You can trust us to deploy the most appropriate security solution to meet your needs.

Our fully integrated services for facilities management companies include:

  • High-level security system design & implementation
  • Fire detection, suppression and monitoring
  • Fire awareness training and extinguisher servicing
  • Alarm monitoring & remote video surveillance
  • Lone worker safety solutions
  • Fully outsourced control room services

Environmental & Operational Monitoring

Measure, collect and respond to industrial, commercial and environmental data. Amba offers a flexible and robust range of technologies that can interface to an incredible array of sensors, transmit their readings via GSM and raise alarms to our 24/7 control room.

These services allow FM companies to offer significant value added services to their partners across a range of industries. Our fully managed service means we log and respond with the correct action to any alert raised.

  • Meter readings
  • Water network e.g. flow, pressure & flood alerts
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Machine malfunction alerts
  • “Service now due” alerts
  • On site & off site vehicle tracking
  • Parking bay sensors
  • Air quality including carbon monoxide and toxins
  • Environment sensors e.g. temperature, humidity, light & noise