Amba at the UK Security Expo

Submitted by admin on 16th December 2016

UK Security Expo is the premier global security showcase attracting an audience of Government, Transport, Intelligence, Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, CNI and the Private Sector.

Amba and ISSEE were in attendance to talk about security capability generation, technology and how training can be used to increase the efficacy of security teams to counter terrorism and reduce risk.

Over the course of UK Security Expo we met government delegations from across Europe, as well as key UK infrastructure, border security teams, military and police.

Protecting Crowded Places Conference

Amba’s Technology team held a keen interest in the expo's Protecting Crowded Places conference. Crowded places include transport hubs, shopping centres, sports stadia, tourist attractions and events, which are easily accessible to the public and attractive to terrorists. Crowded places remain a target for terrorists who have demonstrated they are likely to attack places that offer the prospect of impact beyond the loss of life alone.

The Protecting Crowded Places conference provided a thorough examination of how innovative design, effective surveillance, target hardening, pioneering policing methodologies and incident response can reduce risk at these high-impact targets. Many of these lessons can be applied to tourism security projects, the facilities management sector and our work at high profile hotels and leisure facilities.

Virtual Reality Augmented Counter-IED Training

Of course, the strategic use of technology can also play its part in mitigating security risk. Making the most effective use of technology is reliant on well-trained operators, who can not only handle equipment competently but also react to threats in the most appropriate way.

Linking technology to the operators who use it in the field is where our relationship with ISSEE begins. ISSEE, at the Centre for Homeland Security, deliver quality-driven training courses in high-level aspects of security, explosives use and management. Amba & ISSEE together offer comprehensive training into the use of integrated defence technology to effectively detect and react to threats at secure entries and checkpoints.

At the UK Security Expo, ISSEE were demonstrating their range of EOD, Counter-IED and Explosives Management training methods using virtual reality headsets. Amba’s focus was on the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System:

Manta is a portable or fixed under vehicle inspection system used to quickly and accurately identify suspect objects attached to the underside of vehicles. Manta uses images from multiple viewpoints to form a single, high-res scan - with no hidden or shadowed areas.

Contact us for more information about Manta and learn how it is used by embassies, border-force, prisons, national infrastructure and prestigious leisure developments to combat the devastating effects of IEDs, drug smuggling and people trafficking.


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