High Risk and Confidential Security Projects

Amba has extensive and ongoing experience of security systems design and consultancy for high-risk and confidential clients.

Our core team includes international security, defence and policing experts from a wide range of sectors who operate remotely and in-country to facilitate project delivery. We have worked on a number of embassy security projects in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Often, the existing security measures at a high-risk site reflect their origin during a period of lower threat and are unsuitable for the current times. In these cases, Amba can provide an early stage assessment, including a number of immediate improvements to bring an embassy’s security level up to industry standards relevant to the current climate and threat level. 

Recommendations can include the implementation of new technology or services including:

  • Walk through metal detectors
  • Portable, ballistic baggage scanners
  • Impact resistant security film
  • First-class access control solutions
  • Perimeter security including impact resistant bollards and crash barriers
  • Security clearance and staff vetting
  • Provision of Consular Security Staff

A typical security plan includes analysis and recommendations, such as: 

  • Internal & external threat assessment
  • Physical security audit
  • Continuity and resilience plan
  • Access control and procedure
  • Emergency scenario simulation plan
  • Security recruitment, training and staff competency levels