Executive Protection

Amba provides an exclusive personal security service for those who have concerns about their safety, the protection of their family or close associates. 

Our approach to executive protection focuses on a discrete and refined service, designed to meet the high expectations of the clients we typically engage with.

Comprehensive monitoring and support is administered from our in-house 24/7 Control Room, for example, to minimise the stress that is associated with arrival/departure at airports. 

Amba’s Executive Protection Teams

The aim of close protection is provide a safe and controlled environment for an individual to live and work. Our executive protection teams aspire for excellence in every aspect of service. Team members are highly-qualified and fully-trained in multiple aspects of close protection:

  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Use of counter-surveillance technology
  • Defensive driving and route selection
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
  • Advanced search
  • Incident and conflict management
  • Law and legislation
  • First aid

We offer various levels of protection depending on client requirements, ranging from a single Personal Protection Officer to a complete Personal Escort Section and/or a Security Advance Party. When client requirements are of a sensitive nature or foul play is suspected, a dedicated Counter Surveillance Team can perform services including bug sweeping.

Security Driver Services

Our Executive Protection Service extends from providing secure transportation, routinely in an armoured Range Rover Sentinel.

Amba provides experienced security drivers with a skill set covering advanced, high-speed and defensive driving techniques. 

Executive Travel Protection

The unfortunate reality is that threats such as terrorism, kidnapping and political violence exist in many regions of the world.

Amba provides Executive Travel Protection services for clients on a global basis, covering any personal security issues they may face whist abroad. Our aim is to mitigate potential risks to your employees, allowing them to continue to conduct business in all but the most exceptional circumstances.

    For more information, or to enquire, please contact sales@amba-defence.com.