Hospital Security

Security solutions tailored to the unique challenges presented by hospital sites, which are often large and spread over many building with multiple access points. Hospital security must also be efficient but also largely imperceptible so as not to disrupt the performance of these extremely busy workplaces.

Security systems typically include:

  • High specification IP CCTV system - Discreet, optimally located cameras with automatic Pan, Tilt & Zoom so fewer are required.
  • Industry leading access control solutions.
  • Zoned intruder alarms & panic buttons - Securing restricted areas.
  • Lone worker monitoring, for example, to protect parking attendants. 
  • Fire detection & alarm system - Prioritising public safety and fulfilling legal requirements.

Fully Managed Hospital Security and GPS Surgery Security

  • Amba’s 24/7 Security Control Room conducts virtual site tours and ensures the necessary action is completed for any given scenario.
  • Preventative maintenance identifies system issues before they become critical, meaning the complete system functions more effectively.
  • A modern, easy-to-use system with fully trained operatives increases workforce efficiency across the security team.
  • Patients and visitors are discretely protected, while workforce feels safe and secure.
  • Public safety and legal obligations are fulfilled.
  • Management has complete peace of mind and is free to focus other areas