High Net-Worth Individual Security in the Cotswolds

Submitted by admin on 23rd November 2017

Amba provides bespoke security services for high net-worth individuals in the Cotswolds, delivered with professionalism, confidentiality and around-the-clock availability.

We boast an established track record in meeting the security needs of high net-worth individuals. While we have many clients in London and the South East, we frequently provide high net-worth security in the Cotswolds.

Our head office is located on the beautiful Farncombe Estate, near Broadway. All our directors hold property locally, which gives us an appreciation for the country-life and an understanding of the standards set by those who who live, work and relax here.

Amba Defence Cotswolds Office
Amba Defence Head Office on the Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds.

We often liaise directly with estate managers, existing security personnel and insurers meaning project implementation takes place with the minimum disturbance.

Cotswolds Security Services

We're experts in all aspects of electronic and physical security and therefore offer a complete solution. Our services include both personal and property security:

  • Defence planning for private residences, offices and other premises
  • Advice on securing transportation, tracking and safe travel systems
  • Specific assessments or briefings for individual family members
  • Due diligence and vetting of staff
  • Leading security hardware including perimeter security, access control, alarms, safe-rooms, CCTV and remote security monitoring
  • IT security for all family and business interests, including smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Executive protection teams are available for our high net-worth individual clients both in the UK and when travelling abroad.

Our ethos is about loyalty to every single client and complete commitment to the work we are conducting to secure their assets. If you're in the Cotswolds or elsewhere, call us on 01451 480 580 or email sales@amba-defence.com to discuss your security requirements.

Cotswolds Security Company
Views from the Amba Defence office - high net-worth individual security in the Cotswolds.



About Amba
Amba Defence is a team of security and defence experts, engineers and risk consultants, who work with governments, commercial companies and high net-worth individuals to implement strategies to protect assets and reduce operational risks.

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