Retail & Leisure Security

Security solutions tailored to the unique challenges presented by individual retailers, large shopping centres or commercial leisure facilities.

Retail security must be highly efficient due to large footfalls, but also unobtrusive so that customers don't feel scrutinised whilst shopping. Typical security solutions can include:

  • High specification IP CCTV systems
  • Industry leading access control solutions, including car park systems such as ANPR
  • Zoned intruder alarms & panic buttons to secure restricted areas.
  • Gates and barriers for managing deliveries and storage areas.
  • Lone worker monitoring for security guards and parking attendants. 
  • Fire detection and alarm systems - Prioritising public safety and fulfilling legal requirements.

Fully Managed Retail Security

  • Amba’s 24/7 Security Control Room conducts out-of-hours virtual site tours and ensures the necessary action is completed for any given scenario.
  • Preventative maintenance identifies system issues before they become critical, meaning the security system functions more efficiently.
  • A modern, easy-to-use system can improve workforce efficiency of on-site security teams.
  • Customers and visitors are discretely protected, while staff feel safe and secure.
  • The workforce has complete peace of mind and is free to focus on customer service

Amba also provides security solutions for leisure spaces such as cinemas, public houses, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, health clubs and gyms.